10 Best Paid Marketing Tools

Paid marketing or PPC is an incredible way to get more traffic, leads, and improve your ROI. But, creating an effective paid marketing campaign involves a lot of work. From keyword research, landing page creation to optimization, running paid marketing successfully is a tedious task.

Fortunately, there are impressive ppc marketing tools that can take some burden off your shoulders, saving you time and money. No longer need you to do everything manually; you can concentrate more on other important areas of paid marketing.

However, with plenty of PPC automation and management tools available on the market, it’s tricky to find the right one. Therefore, we have come up with the ten best-paid marketing tools you can consider. Pick any of these tools and leg up on your competition!

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is a free-to-use Ad creation and editing tool, which helps you work on different campaigns online and offline. It is one of the best-paid marketing tools offered by Google. This downloadable application lets you make changes to your Ads, go through the edits before the Ads go live, or review your Ads offline.

PPCexpo Tools

PPCexpo tools help make the PPC campaign more efficient by streamlining the Ad creation, campaign analysis, workflow automation, etc. Below are the best paid PPCexpo marketing tools to try-

PPCexpo Keyword Planner

Keywords are an important part of paid marketing campaigns. Thus, it is necessary to use high value keywords or you may face trouble targeting high-quality traffic and generating revenue. PPCexpo Keyword Planner allows more focused keyword planning. With AI technology, charts and filters, the tool helps empower keyword research.

PPCexpo Combination Calculator

When you run a PPC campaign, there are so many complexities. The larger the campaign, the complicated it gets, as it becomes difficult to navigate through a lot of data, like keywords, Ad groups, locations, devices, etc.

PPCexpo combination calculator uses a mathematical formula to find out the number of combination dimensions and metrics in the marketing campaign. It will give you an idea about how adding or removing keywords will impact the complexity.

PPCexpo Signal

Once your Google account grows, it becomes difficult to manage. Even if you are a PPC marketing professional, managing all the tasks manually is impossible. PPCexpo Signal helps you automate the most tedious tasks of the paid marketing campaign.

It is the most affordable option to ace one PPC strategy at a time. However, there is a slew of features to manage multiple Ad campaigns, too. The best part is, you can use it for free!


iSpionage is an advanced marketing tool that provides you with valuable data of your competitors. Whether you want to generate more leads, drive more targeted traffic, or perform competitors’ analysis, iSpionage is an amazing intelligence tool to use.

This tool provides you with keywords, Ad copy index score, landing page screenshots, etc. to help you optimize your campaign. Not only for paid search marketers, but iSpionage is also useful for digital marketers.


Optymzr is another great paid marketing tool for businesses with a large budget that are interested in running multiple PPC campaigns. This paid platform enables you to start, track, and optimize your paid marketing campaigns.

You can add or eliminate keywords, adjust the Ad placement on display networks, change bids, or use shopping campaign bidders. Besides, you can create dynamic inventory campaigns, automate the workflow, audit the accounts, or automate reporting for Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, or other data sources.

SEMRush PPC Toolkit

SEMRush is an all-in-one paid marketing tool for PPC and SEO. This PPC management software focuses on competitive keyword research and campaign planning. You can find which keywords your competitors have used in the past and know if a similar bidding strategy will help you.

SEMRush Toolkits’ ‘Chart’ tool lets you see the graphs of how your competitors are performing. Keyword Magic Tool is another incredible feature that lets you type a keyword and get a list of stronger keywords and search volume.

Apart from finding the right keywords, the tool helps you get creative with your marketing strategy by finding the most successful ads of the competitors. There are different pricing plans; choose the one that caters to your needs.


Kenshoo has an array of advertising tools for eCommerce, budget management, app-based Ads, and more. The software has a bid management feature to let the users make or adjust bids. You can use this tool to integrate data directly from Google Ads or other online Ad platforms.

It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to provide users with bud suggestions, Ad performance forecasts, etc. Though it is enterprise-level software, it can also be used for startup or mid-level companies.

WordStream PPC Advisor

If you are a small business owner who wants to leverage PPC but don’t have enough finances to hire PPC experts, WordStream’s PPC Advisor is for you. With this tool, you can integrate your data with Google Ads, Bing Ads, or other platforms.

You can activate a 20-minute work tool that analyses PPC campaigns and gives suggestions to make improvements. After that, you can make changes to the WordStream software.

Aside from this, you can create campaigns, determine the negative keywords, or adjust the bidding strategy. You can also create and track reports conversions.


DashThis is a tool that allows you to connect SEM and PPC tools so that all the data appears on a single dashboard. If you want to use multiple tools to monitor multiple Ads, this tool comes in extremely handy. You can also customize the dashboards.

It also offers KPI widgets that report on factors like CPC, conversion rate, ROI, impressions, etc. You can create custom widgets, too. Thus, if you are looking for a tool to save time on creating PPC or SEM marketing reports, DashThis is a great choice.


These are some of the best-paid marketing tools you can consider to optimize your campaign and automate the workflow. If you are a large company, consider using an enterprise-level tool. However, if you are a startup-level company, you can use an affordable tool on this list.

Whatever the tool you choose, get clear on your marketing budget and the number of campaigns you run. These tools will help you create, edit, and optimize your paid marketing campaigns for the most optimized results. So, pick any of these tools and get started with automating your paid marketing journey.

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