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Internet and Businesses

6 SEO Ranking Factors For Law Firms,Lawyers and Attorneys

Law Firm SEO is not a luxury but a requirement in today’s digital world. The majority of the people use a search engine like Google to look for solutions. Even if you are a successful attorney you need to optimize your online presence to remain in a prominent position in front of existing as well as prospective clients.You can hire law firm digital marketing experts to devise and implement a promotional strategy for your company. This will help in improving the virtual presence of your firm and connect you with relevant audiences.Those lawyers who have just started a firm and think that hiring a marketer will be a costly proposition can use the suggestions provided here. These tips will help you create an execute an effective plan.

1. Select The Most Appropriate Keywords

The foundation of a strong optimization strategy lies in picking the right keywords. Unless you select the right phrases and optimize the interface accordingly, you will not appear in front of the appropriate audiences. Identify your target audience and research their online behavior to see the kinds of terms they use to search for legal services. Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to see the search volume of the words. It will also be pertinent to see the kind of competition associated with each term. The higher the number of entities optimizing for a particular phrase, the more the number of rivals you will need to beat. Choose keywords with high
relevance, more search volume, and less competition.

2. Conduct An Extensive Competitor Analysis

The virtual world is no different from the real one as here also you have to perform better than your rivals to win more clients. Find out who are the top ranking websites in your domain which you will have to outperform in order to improve your online visibility. Conduct an extensive analysis to find out the strategies they have employed. For instance, you can see whether they have included a keyword in their URL or not. You must also see the kind of content they have posted on their websites and the manner in which they have optimized it with keywords. This will be helpful in identifying the tactics that you can include in your plan.

3. Make Technical Changes To Your Interface

Technical modification can have a great impact on SEO for law firms. First and foremost, make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Ask the professionals building it to use responsive design techniques so that the interface renders easily on all kinds of gadgets. Another vital aspect is the page loading speed. People do not like web pages that take too long to render. Code magnification during development, image optimization, and caching can help improve the loading speed. You must also install an SSL certificate to make the website secure from attacks and hacking attempts. These are all vital SEO ranking factors.

4. Prepare A Structured On-Page Optimization Plan

There are some essential steps which need to be taken for successful on-page optimization. Prepare a structured plan and follow it without fail every time a new page is created. Every page must have a title and meta description which are optimized with relevant key phrases. Always use heading tags to help search engines understand the structure and topic of each page. Make sure that all the selected terms for each page are used across the content of that page. Do not limit yourself to using only those specific phrases and use their variations.

5. Create High-quality And Explanatory Content

Successful law firm SEO marketing cannot be done without good quality content. Peppering the write-ups with keywords will help search engines establish the content’s relevance. However, if it does not provide any value to the end user, it will not be ranked highly by search engines. Include a blog on your website and regularly publish posts which address specific issues faced by your target audience. Publishing guest posts on other authoritative websites in your category and building links with them is another off-page strategy that cannot be executed without quality content.

6. Track, Measure, Adjust, Repeat

Do not make the mistake of thinking that the SEO strategy is set in stone. Use solutions like Google Analytics to set and track your goals. Measure the success of each campaign and identify areas which need improvement. Make adjustments accordingly and then repeat the entire optimization process. This will help in keeping the entire SEO program relevant and productive.


These six basic steps can be used to create an effective SEO plan for law firms and lawyers. Optimization will help new attorney firms leave established entities behind and get in front of prospective clients first.

shopia dicousta

I am Sophia Dicosta, is an Online Marketer & Web designer at Conroy Creative Counsel – best law firm web design agency in the USA.

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