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Drugs abuse in Pakistan

Drugs abuse in Pakistan

Drug abuse is a big issue that is rapidly increasing in Pakistan due to a lot of reasons. Most of the population which is being affected is the young generation. There are a lot of reasons behind this abuse which may include economical crises, mental illness, or a fashion statement. The young generation especially teenagers start acquiring drugs in their events as a fashion symbol. Occasionally drinking is done just to enjoy the time but when taken frequently it becomes a habit. Addiction is the severe form in which the individual cannot control the desire of taking the drug or alcohol again and again.

The increasing trend of drug abuse or alcoholism is not only devastating for the individual but also for his family and the whole country. Most of the big reasons behind increasing drug abuse are the unbroken supply of drugs smuggled from neighboring countries.  If the chain is broken by the security agencies, this abuse can be reduced. It may be possible that a person who is not involved in frequent intake; may not reach the stage of addiction due to the reason that he was not able to obtain it again. There is a large network that supplies these drugs at higher prices to addicted persons.

Outcomes of drug addiction

A drug addict can be identified easily from his condition. His behavior has been changed as compared to the normal person. There are many ways through which it can be recognized that an individual is involved in this habit.

  • The addict is normal for some time and after that, he may behave abnormally with aggression.
  • He has poor control over his body because the nerve cells which control the actions of the body via neurotransmitters; are badly affected.
  • He is no more able to perform job duties accurately because he cannot concentrate on work properly. Drug addiction severely affects the ability to concentrate on work or job.
  • His life is so disturbed that he cannot maintain Social connectivity. His friends and colleagues avoid him due to his disturbed personality and behavior.

What to do for a drug-addicted person?

Drug addicted person needs to be rescued as early as possible. it is because the condition of the patient worsens as time passes. To rescue such a patient, there are many rehabilitation centers that are working in Pakistan. Not only government is running these centers but private organizations are also playing their part.

These rehabilitation centers are also called drug addiction treatment centers. They are specialized to treat the patients who are the victim of this abuse. Innovative Zone Rehabilitation center is a drug addiction center in Lahore which offers the best treatment facilities for drug-addicted patients. There are healthcare specialists in the centers who receive the patient and after diagnosing prescribe a proper treatment plan. The patient is the focus of expert doctors and psychiatrists until he gets back to his normal life. Counseling sessions heals the abilities of the patient. It is a great edge for the patient if any close one takes him to the addiction treatment center.

Treatment plans for drug-addicted patients

Treatment for a drug-addicted patient is not a short medicine taking. It takes sufficient time to complete depending upon the illness stage of the patient. Some patients are willing by their selves to get treated and their condition is already not too serious, they recover easily in a short time without being admitted to the hospital. Those patients who are in serious condition admitted to the center immediately, and experts design treatment for them.

The treatment plan varies from person to person. It may be individual or group-based. Counseling sessions in groups help many of them to relate with one another so many problems are solved when they discuss the same issues. A counselor also gets it easy to communicate with them and discuss the solution to their problems. Moreover, when patients live together they make a strong bond with each other and perform many activities together like walk, exercise, and yoga. These activities boost their mind and soul and they develop more courage to get back to normal life.

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