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How To Make Safety Systems And Security Features In Cars

Safety Systems and Security Features in motors

In advance articles, we discussed the special capabilities of a GPS vehicle tracking system that make use of electronics. In this very last article, we can be coping with protection systems and security devices which can be generally used in motors.

Safety Systems

Apart from the generation used in making of body shells, pillars, doorways and so forth. In a car for you to provide the best of strength and safety to the passengers, a few other functions that may be listed beneath this class of safety encompass seat belts, anti-lock brake, airbags, and many others. These structures employ the car’s digital systems.

Seat belts

In the seat belt device, which protects you inside the occasion of a surprising stop, there are two sorts. First, there may be the active restraint device, in which the occupants ought to make a manual effort to comfy it.

Indeed, in most of the automobiles, the passenger needs to fasten the seat belts himself for crash safety. However, there’s additionally a passive restraint gadget that operates mechanically. No motion is required through the passenger to function the equal.

A passive seat belt device makes use of electric cars to robotically move the shoulder belt throughout the motive force and the front seat passenger. The upper give up of the belt is connected to a service that actions in a track on the pinnacle of the door frame.

The other stop is constant to fasten retractor. The retractors are hooked up in the middle console. When the door is opened, the outer stop of the shoulder belt moves forward to permit for easy access or exit. When doorways are closed and ignition is on, the belts move within the reverse direction and secure occupants.


Despite securing passenger with seat belts, at some stage in a collision of a vehicle at a high pace, strong inertia forces develop due to which the passenger moves forward at high pace and chances of the driver hitting the guidance wheel (and for the co-driver to the dashboard) are full-size. Moreover, within the case of collision, the damage to the face and head of the individual is maximum dangerous.

To keep away from the direct effect airbags are used for securing the occupants. Technically, the airbag is a passive restraint gadget because it operates routinely to provide extra safety for the passenger.

Working of airbags

Generally, an airbag does now not perform below low intensity affects. Once the effect exceeds a designated restrict and this force is detected via the airbag activation sensors, the transfer contacts of the airbag activation circuit are closed and inside milliseconds nitrogen fuel is made out of the chemical response of Sodium Azide (NaNO3) and Potassium nitrate (KNO3). The nitrogen gasoline inflates the airbag, which is generally made up of Nylon material. The inflated airbag for that reason gives a cushioning effect to the passenger.

It is to be mentioned that when the airbag is activated, then the same cannot be reused and it needs to be refitted at the production plant.

The same working principle as above is relevant for airbags placed at distinctive locations together with pillars, passenger facet, curtains and so on. The more airbags, the higher will be the charge.

Antilock brake device

When a vehicle is pushed on slippery surfaces and brakes are applied forcefully, there are probabilities that the tires prevent rotating, causing sliding. This takes place due to the transient locking of brakes after continuous software of brakes. To avoid such locking, there exists an anti-locking system for brakes, the ABS.

Working of ABS

The antilock braking system manipulates the circuit calculates the slip charge of wheels and controls brake fluid strain. If the control sensor senses that a wheel is about to fasten primarily based on input sensor information, it pulses the brake fluid valve for that circuit to the closed role.

This prevents any greater fluid from entering the brake circuit and limits the braking strength. (Remember that a car brake works because of strain being carried out using braking fluid.)

gps vehicle tracking system5The ABS manipulate module then looks at the sensor signal from the affected wheel once more. If that wheel is decelerating faster than the other three wheels, it opens a typically closed outlet solenoid valve for that circuit, allowing fluid to leak away to an accumulator.

This removes any pressure that is trapped among the closed inlet valve and brake returned to the grasp cylinder reservoir, so that braking power is similarly reduced on that wheel. Once the affected wheel returns to the identical pace as the opposite wheel, the control circuit returns the valve to their ordinary condition permitting fluid glide to affected brake.

Source: How Things Work?

  • Security and anti-theft systems

Since their release, thieves have attempted to take off with automobiles that allow you to resell them or even just for joyrides. As a result, anti-theft structures have ended up very crucial.

There are three forms of antitheft devices, i.E. Locking gadgets, the disabling tool, and alarm systems. Many of those gadgets are available as authentic equipment from manufacturers however a few can be established from the open marketplace.

  • Locks

A sort of locks is available which might be designed to deny entry to engine, passenger and trunk booths of the car, also, to save you theft of the car. Locking structures include door and trunk locks, keyless access structures, gasoline tanks, light delay systems, and electronically coded keys.

There are each internal and external hood locks to be had to prevent theft of anything beneath the bonnet. These locks are specifically useful on a car with battery-powered alarm systems due to the fact they prevent a thief from disconnecting the power supply and disabling siren.

  • Keyless access structures

Keyless entry systems permit the driver to free up a lock from the outdoor of the vehicle without the use of a key. The digital circuit can release all doors, the baggage compartment, lock all doorways and trunk lid, spark off the keypad and keyhole illumination after any button at the keypad is driven.

It has two important additives: a digital circuit with a receiver in the vehicle and a coded button on the keypad of the important thing.

Remote keyless entry systems use a handheld transmitter, frequently connected as a part of the key deal with. With a press of a button at the transmitter, the driving force’s door unlocks and the theft safety gadget is disconnected depending upon sort of transmitter.

Some far-flung gadgets also can open and close all of the vehicle’s windows inclusive of the sunroof. They may also be able to set off an alarm in case of an emergency.

  • Passkey systems

The skip secret’s a specially designed key this is geared up with a resistor, transistor, or a transponder this is selected and programmed for the car it was meant for.  Although any other key may go into the ignition transfer or door lock, the device will now not permit the engine to begin without a correct electrical sign from the key. The ignition lock reads the electronic coding on the important thing. Without the right key coding, the engine does not begin.

  • Disabling tool

A disabling device deactivates the auto’s and renders it immobile. A disabling tool can either be energetic or passive. Active devices are controlled with the aid of either a key, coded sequence, digital touchpad, or a hidden button set up under the dash. Passive systems are part of the anti-theft machine.

  • Alarm systems

Alarm systems motive a caution whilst an automobile is being accessed in a manner apart from the use of a key. The two styles of activating alarm machine are passive and lively structures. Passive systems turn on mechanically whilst the ignition key’s removed and doors are locked. Active systems are activated manually with a keypad or toggle switch.

This allows the motive force to depart the auto at parking without activating the alarm. The drawback is that one needs to bear in mind to show the alarm on or off.

There are three methods via which an alarm gadget identifies the incidence of robbery.

Among gadgets used for alarm structures, mechanical switches are just like those used to show at the courtesy lighting as the doors are opened. When a door or hood or trunk is opened at the same time as the alarm is lively, the switch closes and the alarm sounds. It turns itself off robotically to prevent the battery from being tired. It then rearms itself automatically.

Ultrasonic sensors are motion or vibration-based sensors. They sound an alarm if a person tries to enter the automobile both through the door or window.

Current touchy sensors spark off the alarm if alternate in the present day takes place inside the automobile’s electric systems. When a courtesy light goes on or ignition begins, the alarm is activated. However, it might not be practical to apply this type of sensor in a car wherein mild does not turn on whilst again doors are opened.

Vehicle monitoring methods

Vehicle monitoring systems can trace the region of the automobile by satellite tv for pc if it has been stolen or lost. The device can be primarily based on the car’s navigation machine or mobile smartphone inside the automobile.

When the automobile cellphone is the identifier, the tracking device is activated when the thief tries to make a call. If accurate code isn’t always entered, the satellite begins to track the automobile. Later, it’s miles monitored using the operator.

Some systems robotically send a signal to the monitoring operator if the airbag is activated. This signal addition to the worldwide positioning network, lets the government recognize if a twist of fate has taken place and emergency squad may be despatched without looking ahead to a cellphone call.


The in-vehicle tracking system, there are various features vary from vehicle to vehicle and depending upon the value of the automobile and its intended application. Today we’ve mentioned electronics features about safety (ABS, airbags, seat belts) and protection (locks, disabling structures, trackers and alarms.)

Apart from understanding the functioning of the various additives of cars, the upkeep requirement of each gadget is also crucial. We might soak up the matter in an upcoming article.

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