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Social Media Aggregators : What Are They and Why Do I Need Them?

Explore brief intro & benefits about Social Media Aggregator

There was a time, when social media platforms were used by people to connect with friends and family, share their feelings and look up for the relevant content. Since, a significant amount of the global population is invested in social media, promoting business on these platforms has become popular in the last decade. 

Many small businesses created their social media pages to promote their products and services. Social media marketing involves high engagement and lesser risk factors. A diverse population is available on these platforms. 

Marketers have always come up with new ideologies to increase their brand awareness and lead generation. Social Media Aggregators is one of them. Engaging people with all your social media platforms is a tedious task. But, not anymore.

Social media Aggregators help you delve into the content and embed the selective ones to your website. Let’s see what social media Aggregators are, their usage and the steps to embed them to your website.

What is a social media Aggregator ?

Social media Aggregator is a tool that helps users in collecting and curating the engaging social media feeds to display them on the website. It brings your business page feeds all under the same roof. The content can be promotional as well as the user generated content.

Aggregators helps you direct the website visitors to your social media handles and adds up to the popularity of the brand. It is quite challenging to make all your social media handles equally engaging. Social Media Aggregator makes your work easy.

It makes your website look neoteric, engaging and  impressive. Your website gets updated the moment you share post on social media. It adds up to the brand’s value and makes the website look lively.

The content on the social media can be collected using various methods such as hashtags, mentions, handles, pages, keywords and many more. Such content is beneficial to increase your brand’s reach, boost website performance and amplify conversions. 

Types of social media Aggregator 

There are various types of social media Aggregators. A few have been mentioned below

#Facebook Aggregator :

Facebook Aggregator let’s you curate the content such as Facebook posts, pictures, videos, from your Facebook business page and embed the selective ones on the website. This leverages the engaging content on the website, making it more dynamic and engaging. Facebook advertisement had been a good promotional tactic but became unpopular because of lesser reach. Facebook Aggregators have emerged rapidly and have shown good results to the marketers.

#Instagram Aggregator :

Instagram is one of the most trendy social media platforms. It is being used daily by more than 500 million people. Embedding Instagram feeds on the website will make it appealing and will increase the time spent by users on your website. Instagram feed Aggregator curates the most authentic user generated content. It leverages the social proof which results in increase in the revenues. This also adds up to the brand’s value and generates leads.

#Twitter Aggregator :

Twitter is a consolidated platform which includes users from all parts of the world. Embedding twitter feeds in your website is a simplistic method of creating a contemporary and neoteric look. This is a simple and code-free technique that displays the latest tweets from your Twitter account to your website. Twitter Aggregator lets the UGC be displayed on the website which increases brand awareness.

#Youtube Aggregator :

YouTube Aggregator is an impressive way of displaying your YouTube videos on the website. It facilitates in increasing your website visuals. It looks more appealing and buoyant. You can aggregate content using a channel URL, playlist, keywords and even location. Aggregators can also be customized easily as per the requirement of the website.

Benefits of embedding social media aggregators on your website 

  • Add up to the brand value.

Social media aggregators curate and embed the selective content from your social media platforms and display them on your website. User generated content is trusted by the customers than any other promotional content. They get inclined towards your brand as a result of UGC based promotion. Your brand gets recognized with an increase in it’s value.

  • Increase your website traffic.

Every social media platform has a separate and peculiar audience. Directing them to the website will increase your reach. Quickly snatching your social media updates all under the same roof will increase the user’s browsing experience. 

  • Boost up the revenues and help in lead generation. 

User experience greatly influences their engagement with the brand. Giving them an overwhelming experience will create a positive impact. Social media aggregators embed user generated content on the website which adds up to the authenticity of the brand. It increases revenue and generates leads.

  • Makes your website more appealing and engaging for the users.

Social media aggregators create a separate section on the website which includes curated social media content and UGC from a campaign or promotional event. This makes your website imploring and users find it compelling to explore.

  • Brings all the social media feeds under the same roof.

Embedding social media widget to your website, imports all your social media feeds on a single platform. It draws the attention of your customers. They find it convenient to explore your website and traverse through all the updates. Your website becomes a comprehensive platform for the users to surf.

  • Builds trust among your target audience.

User generated content is trusted widely over any other in-house content. It appears that you are willing to be transparent about people’s experience with your business. This builds trust among your customers which supports your brand image.

Final thoughts 

Social media has made it simple for marketers to target their audience, make their brand engaging and increase their brand value. Collecting engaging content from various social media platforms, curating them as per your interest and displaying them on your website.

It is that elementary and grows your brand’s engagement in no time. Embed the social media feeds using an aggregator and your website will manifest a live event, user generated content, hashtag campaigns and what not.


Emilio Scott is a digital growth marketer & WordPress developer with 6 yrs of marketing experience. In her role, she creates strategies that help businesses to grow and embed Instagram feed on website. Being a WP developer Emilio loves to create new and easy to use Twitter & Facebook widget for WP websites.

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