Top 4 Stylish Winter Jackets and Coats to Keep you Warm

As soon as the weather changes, we all want to throw the summer clothes out. All you want is to grab a little warmer clothes that are super soft, comfortable and easy to wear. Winter clothing items should not only be warm but they should be stylish and trendy too. Winter is my most favourite season of the year, the winter clothing items like Jackets and coats should not be boring at all. 

Do you know that you can stay stylish and fashionable even if you have few essential clothing items like jackets, coats, scarfs, sweatshirts and a pair of jeans? All you need to do is mix and match different clothing items to create new and different looks every time. 

This year, try to be stylish and stay warm and comfortable at the same time. If you are wondering how you would do that then worry not. Keep reading the article below. I have selected the top 8 stylish winter jackets and coats that will keep you warm and stylish both at the same time. 

That’s the perfect time of the year to update your winter wardrobe and get ready to welcome the best time of the year. 

Trench Coat: 

Trench Coat is One of the must have items for every woman’s wardrobe. That looks super stylish and you can mix it up with many other clothing items to create a fresh and new look everyday. Trench coats are my personal favourite winter clothing item. As it also acts as a weather shield and prevents you from changing weather like cold winds, rain, snowfall etc. Many big brands are offering trench coats in huge variety. You can find them in different textures and patterns. And the good news is trench coats also come in a variety of colors. If you love vibrant colors then go for a red, yellow or pink color trench coat. Or in case you are nude lover like me, then it’s better to opt for a grey, off white trench coat. 

Do you already own a trench coat? If not then I will suggest you grab one right away to stay safe and stylish this season. 

Here are top 3 ways to style your trench coat in 2021: 

  • Pair up your trench coat with ripped jeans and a lining T shirt to create a casual look. This look is perfect for friends’ hangout, lunch meeting with your colleagues and for shopping. 
  • Trench coat over a skirt and heels is also a great option for casual parties. 
  • If you want to create a formal look using your trench coat, then it’s a great idea too. Pair up the trench coat with a simple black T shirt and skin tight jeans. To add extra charm add up high black heels. This is a good look for formal gatherings like business dinners, meetings and presentations. 

How do you like a trench coat? With jeans, skirt or long boots? 

Parka Coats/ Jackets: 

As soon as i hear the word winter the first thing that pops up in my mind is a Parka coat. It is one of the must have coats for every woman. Especially in the regions where temperature falls below the degrees and it’s freezing cold. Parka coats are made up of wool and they are super soft and comfortable. In addition to that Parka coats also have faux fur on the collar that keeps you safe from cold winds and snowfall. Many big brands are offering Parka coats in huge varieties. You can find them in different colors, fabric and texture according to the region you are living in. 

Parka coats are mostly water proof. Parka coats are best to create urban casual looks. Following are the three best ways to style up your Parka coat this year. 

  • Pair up your parka coat with skin fit jeans and a simple Plain white/black T shirt. This is a super casual look that you can create on a daily basis. This look is perfect for casual gatherings and shopping. 
  • Parka coats can also be used to create formal looks. Mix them with formal pants and shirts to attend an office meeting or presentation. 
  • You can wear a Parka coat with both heels and long boots depending upon the changing weather. 

Pea Coat: 

Pea Coat look is inspired by sailors. Who use to spend their days and months in water. Peo coats/jackets are made up of wool and they are super warm. In other words Pea coats are a perfect choice for areas where it gets extremely cold. Pea coats come in different varieties and colors. From popping colors like yellow, pink and red to nude shades like ofwhite you can find a huge variety in Pea coats. Do you own any Pea coat already? If not then it’s a perfect time to grab one for you.  

You can create several formal and casual looks while using a pair of pea coats. Following are the three best ways to style up your pea coat this year. 

  • A black Pea coat over a black jeans and a white T shirt is a perfect semi formal look. This look is super easy to create and is extra comfortable too. You can wear high black heels too and have an extra charm. 
  • A popping color Pea coat like yellow or pink with tight leggings is another great idea for casual gathering/parties. 
  •  You can also pair a long pea coat with plazo. I would suggest selecting bright color plazzo’s like blue, green or red. 

Cape Coat: 

Cape Coat is just like wearing a blanket over you. How would you feel while wearing a super soft and comfy blanket even when you are walking with friends. Cape coats are one of the most comfortable clothing items ever made. It is mostly made up of warm and soft wool and saves you from cold winds and snowfall. Capecoat comes in different colors, you can find brown, offwhite, lack, blue, green and many other cape coats from your nearby stores. In short I would say that a cape coat is one of the most stylish and super warm winter clothing items. And every woman must have a pair of cape coats in her wardrobe. Do you have one? If not then grab it right away to make your winter even cozier and warmer. 

  • You can pair up your cape coat with black tight jeans. It is a perfect daily look
  • Wear it with long black boots for walks. 
  • Wear it over loose trousers or plazo to create a super casual look. 

Wrapping up: 

As winters e around the corner and everyone is trying to grab as much clothes as possible to survive the cold weather. But let me clear this misconception that you don’t need tons of clothes to survive this season. The top mentioned coats and jackets are all you need this year. Mix and match the above mentioned jackets/coats to impress everyone around you. 

Which one is your favourite winter clothing item? Jackets, coats, sweatshirts, hoodies or what? Share your fashion thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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