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Top 5 Features In Sammy EMR That Improve Your Practice

Sammy EMR provides a cloud and web-based software that medical practitioners can access from anywhere at any time. To assist you in streamlining your clinical and administrative processes, the EMR Software interfaces with a Practice Management System. Sammy EHR is ideal for small to medium-sized practices since it promises to speed up their financial, clinical, and organizational tasks. 

Although the software is designed specifically for podiatry practices, it is adaptable and can be customized according to your specific needs and specialty. Furthermore, the Sammy EMR Software has clinical decision-making skills. These applications analyze data from EHR systems and offer recommendations and reminders to help you follow evidence-based clinical standards at the point of care. 

Sammy EMR Software

This EHR includes a number of useful features and offerings and makes life easy as it allows easy storage of data, data, or images that could also be imported or exported to charts with ease. Sammy EHR reviews the user’s progress and activity which helps them remain up-to-date knowing who entered, modified, or deleted data. Data like x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, pictures, etc. could easily be imported into charts. Sammy systems EHR enables physicians to easily capture information, store images, and also review past diagnoses.

Sammy EHR software enables users to keep a check on their clients’ insurance eligibility with just a click. The chances for denial of a claim or the probability of a mistake are very thin as it prompts users of any errors in the claims.

Sammy EHR software updates patient’s records and their demographics and it enables practitioners to repeat a note with just a single click. The EHR offers a patient portal with its offerings which allows patients and doctors to remain in touch, patients can receive and read lab results on it, share information, and message doctors. They could also fill in appointment requests and book them. They could also get their e-prescriptions online on them.

Top 5 Features in Sammy EMR Software 

The software updates the demographic information of patients and allows clinicians to repeat previous notes with just a single click. SammyEHR also comes with a patient portal so that patients can view lab results, access information about their appointments scheduled with the medical history, and other relevant information. Patients can also send an appointment request and fill intake forms using this secure patient portal. Medical experts can easily import MRIs, x-rays, ultrasounds, pictures, etc. into individual patient charts.

The Sammy EMR Software has a number of features that might help you improve your productivity. The features are simple to use, and you can check them out during the Sammy EMR demo. The top five features: 

Claims Management 

The Sammy EMR Software aids you in detecting issues in claims while uploading data. In other words, the claims management feature allows you to correct any errors that occur during the data entry process. When you use Sammy EMR, you’ll see a significant drop in the number of claims that are denied as a result of this tool. 

Additionally, automatic eligibility checks ensure that your patients are authorized for insurance. Furthermore, when their data is entered into the database, it validates that their plan is active, saving you time and effort in dealing with denied claims. 

Dashboard for Simplified Workflow 

The dashboard in Sammy EMR is a critical tool for your practice as it provides you with a comprehensive overview of all of your tasks. You may log in and view all of the data on a dashboard that includes all important medical data. 

Furthermore, owing to HIPAA-compliant technology that safeguards patients’ privacy, all data stored in the software is safe and secure. You may also attach reports and photos to patient records on the dashboard, making them accessible and faxable to anybody who needs them. During the Sammy EMR demo, you can navigate via the dashboard to get a better idea. 

Data Organization

Another advantage of using the Sammy EMR Software is that it makes saving data in the database a breeze. Furthermore, the software allows you to import and export any data to patient charts for safe storage. 

With the Sammy EHR Software, you can easily import ultrasounds, X-rays, MRIs, photographs, and other images into individual patient files. You can use the system to analyze patient data, such as prior medical interactions, modify treatment regimens, and make informed pharmaceutical decisions, among other things. 

Patient Portal 

Another important element of Sammy EMR we should address is the Patient Portal. Both you and your patients will benefit greatly from the patient portal as it allows patients to log in and access their appointments and medical information. They can also use this site to get information about their medical history as well as reports from your clinic. This feature provides an extremely simple and convenient way to process patient information. 

Clinical Documentation 

The clinical documentation procedure is another useful feature of Sammy EMR. Clinical notes are straightforward to generate with Sammy EMR. You can use the automatic entry feature to save time by not having to review prior information and just repeating the previous note with a single click. 

You can also use the speech recognition feature to transform your spoken comments into straight notes. Overall, this time-saving tool allows you to focus on providing great treatment rather than typing. Furthermore, this useful tool also assists you in reducing mistakes and increasing task efficiency. 

What do Sammy EMR Reviews say? 

Let’s take a look at the Sammy EMR reviews that we have gathered from different sources to give you an honest insight into the software from a user’s perspective: 


  • Since the software is specifically designed for Podiatry practices. It also includes templates, billing codes, and other features relevant to podiatry. 
  • Not only does EHR Software makes it easy to file claims. It is also shown to minimize the amount of rejected claims. 
  • The option to put photos alongside relevant patient data improves record-keeping and makes it easier for users to explain their conditions. 


  • Despite the fact that the templates are specialty-specific, there are just a handful of them. More templates might also be made accessible to cover a wider range of diseases and treatments. 

Sammy EMR Pricing 

The cost of this EMR Software is determined by a variety of factors, including the number of providers and the features required for your system. However, it does begin at $349 a month per user. The vendor may provide you with a complete proposal on a pricing plan. Overall, the pricing model is determined by the demands of your practice and the number of users in your practice. 

Final Words 

This EMR Software looks to be an excellent fit for healthcare organizations, particularly Podiatry clinics. It has a number of features that allow you to retain a digital record of medical data while also allowing your business to run smoothly. 

The major features and user evaluations of the software are included in our comprehensive review. However, each practice has its own set of criteria; as a result, establish a list of your prerequisites before arranging a demo. 

During the Sammy EMR, you’ll be able to test the software in real-time and see if it meets your needs. Furthermore, we recommend that you read various Sammy EMR reviews because they will influence your ultimate selection! 

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