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Your Checklist To Follow Before The Home Inspection Process

Selling a home can be a stressful task. You have to prove that there is no fault with the home. Buyers will only be interested in purchasing your home if it has no faults. To check with faults you will have to schedule a home inspection.

You can make the process easy by searching for the best home inspection in Georgetown on your own. The task of inspecting the home has to be done only by an expert home inspection team.

If you are thinking of scheduling a home inspection for your home, then you have to carry out early preparations. Your checklist will help you stay ahead of the home inspection team.

Paperwork tasks

For sellers and homeowners, gathering all documents is important. You may have to present the documents to the inspecting team if you have HVAC units and other accessories installed in your home, then the documents should be presented to the inspecting team.

Expert home inspectors will always mention the make and model of the accessories in the report. If any repairs and maintenance were conducted earlier, you should mention it warranty card and documents should be in presentable condition.

Property map

For a small property, there is no issue. If the property is big, then it is a must to have the property map in presentable condition. The home inspector would like to refer to the entire map before conducting the home inspection task.

If the property is old or family-owned, then maps are compulsory. Without the map, the home inspection team may not be able to conduct the inspection.

General repairs

Repairs are a must. If the home has to be inspected, then repairs have to be presented. Everything that you have repaired in and around the property has to be presented. An expert team will always check if the repair work has been carried out or not.

Contract documents and other paper works have to be presented to the home inspector.

Check with all areas around home

Your home may have many areas that cannot be accessed normally. You have to check if anything is left locked around your home. If you have valuables you have to ensure it is locked in a safe place your pet animal should also be locked in a safe place.

You have to check with these on your own. Attic and other areas have to be left open for the home inspection team.

In case you have a water heater and HVAC unit locked in the room, be sure to leave the door unlocked for inspection.

Clear debris and clutter around the home. The inside of the property also has to be inspected perfectly. Before the team arrives at your place be sure to conduct a home inspection on your own. The lawn area should be well maintained and rooms have to be clean.

Do not leave a mess around your home for the home inspection team.

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